Extension and remodel of a wonky Victorian end-terrace to create a larger, light-filled open plan family home.


We were originally asked to convert the attic of the house to provide an additional bedroom for the client’s growing family. However, the initial design process enabled us to find a solution to accommodate a third bedroom at First Floor level, allowing a financial saving for the client and much less disruption for them during the construction process.

The existing plan of the house was deep, narrow and no two walls were straight which, whilst a challenge, did allow us to explore how to make unusual spaces work successfully, planning layouts and circulation routes accordingly.

We created zones of space for different activities with appropriate sight lines to ensure that passive supervision of small children was possible throughout the house.

The external terrace became an extension of the family room, increasing the useable area of the dwelling further during the summer months.

Rooflights cut into the extension allow borrowed light into the middle rooms of the house which were traditionally darker spaces. Existing structure and elements such as sash windows were all retained and reused where possible to reduce build costs and ensure that the inherent character of the property was retained.


Building Type: Residential Property – Terraced
Client: Private
Location: Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire
Status: Planning Consent granted in 2016. Built project completed in 2017
Value: Confidential