Cain Architects is a vibrant and collaborative architectural design practice based in the rural Buckinghamshire Chilterns.

Established in 2015, we have over 20 years experience working on projects in the commercial, education and residential sectors, successfully working on many buildings in locations with sensitive contexts.

The majority of our work is contemporary rural new build houses, residential extensions/remodels, bespoke commercial and small-scale educational projects.

An RIBA Chartered Architectural Practice, we have an exceptional Planning and Listed Building Consent record within many Councils in and around the Chiltern District, in the London Boroughs and across the UK


We create beautiful, well-crafted and happy spaces for our clients to live, work, play and learn in.

We deliver high-quality, sustainable and contemporary rural architecture that is designed to last.

We specialise in bespoke, creative solutions to projects with a sensitive or awkward site, a specialist client or a demanding brief- and we love a challenge.

We are innovative yet efficient designers with outstanding attention to detail and excellent project management skills. This balance ensures that we are a practice clients return to time and time again.

Our designs are tailored to meet the specific requirements of the end user and in response to the site’s unique character and context. This is at the heart of every project that we work on.


We are listeners, collaborators, designers, project managers, team players, and problem solvers.

We are rigorous and extremely thorough in our approach to the design of your project and are committed to making the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We believe that a strong working relationship with all parties involved, alongside consistent and robust communication from the start, is key to a successful project.

We are a small practice and by only working with a finite number of clients at any one time, we can get to know you and develop a deeper understanding of your requirements. This offers you a unique level of personal service and commitment to your project.

Considering the way that our practice operates, our work is generally suited to projects with a construction value of £200k or more.


We can offer architectural services from the initial development of your project brief until final handover of your building and beyond.

Every project is different. With you, we will work out the best bespoke service package to suit your specific project requirements, programme and budget.

At each stage of your project, we will add unprecedented value by providing clear, simple solutions to often complex problems with our hands-on and engaging approach.

For most projects, we follow the RIBA Plan of Work but a brief overview of the different stages of a building project and how we can assist you in each are outlined below; ‘Design +’, ‘Technical +’ and ‘Construction +’.



When we first start working with you, we help you to develop a brief to work out exactly what you want from your project. We are experts at delivering a brief in surprising and innovative ways that are often more cost effective than you might think.

We make the design process that follows engaging and fun. We use different types of drawings, models and diagrams to communicate our ideas so that nothing is misunderstood. We review the design with yourself every step of the way to ensure that we are delivering and exceeding your expectations. We will go through a process of research, exploration, testing and review to ensure that we have fully understood and communicated your vision, aims and objectives within the design.

The Design + stage often culminates in the submission of a Planning Application or Listed Building Consent Application.


Once Planning or Listed Building Consent has been granted, we work with you to develop the exciting technical details of the project; the finishes, the fittings and how all the different materials work together to give you the building that you want.

This is also the stage where we develop the technical side of the design in the form of drawings, schedules and specifications. Through this work, we ensure that your project complies with the Building Regulations and that it can be correctly priced and built. Again, we review our work throughout this stage and communicate with you regularly to ensure that we are translating the aspirations for your project into reality.

The Technical + stage often involves the submission of a Building Control Application and the production of a set of Tender Information.


During this stage of the works, we can help you to tender your project to contractors and advise on the most appropriate building contract to use. We can then administer this contract on your behalf throughout the build, if you would like us to.

We provide the builder with any additional information that they need and answer questions that they may have to help them co-ordinate elements of the project on site. We can advise and support you throughout the build, carry out regular site visits and review the work that the contractor has completed. We can also help to manage the financial side of the project throughout the build to ensure that it runs smoothly.

After you have moved in, we offer continued support whilst the building is in use in terms of both operation and maintenance. We like to make sure that our clients are happy and love to receive feedback so that we can continue to evolve as a practice.